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  • WP-Translations WordPress Code Review Services

    Code Optimization

    Your whole WordPress plugin/theme code is reviewed by our team of developers. All i18n, l10n functions checks are done for you. Learn more

  • WP-Translations String Review Services

    Review of Original Strings

    Your original strings are checked by a native English WP-Team’s member to make sure your files are WordPress friendly and, should you not be a native English speaker, to perfect the English version.

  • WP-Translations Localization Services


    Your WordPress product is fully translated by our team members, all WordPress Pros and native speakers of the destination locale. No Google/Bing translations here! Meet Our Team

  • WP-Translations Review Service


    To perfect your translations, all of them are reviewed by another WP-Team member. And to assure you the best delivery, they are tested in a dedicated WordPress sandbox site, to make sure everything fits. Learn more

  • wpt-delivery


    If your WordPress projects is managed in, we push directly your translations there, without the need of any intervention on your part.

    If you maintain your project yourself, there are several options for you to embed them. Learn more

Improved Workflow – Consistency – Team Spirit

We think communication is key for quality work, so we created a dedicated workflow for our WP-Teams. Transifex, Slack, and Dedicated WordPress Tools are what we use everyday, to deliver the bests localized WordPress products.

You are part of the process. Or not.

You are part of the process, you’re keep in the loop but if you want us to manage everything for you, no problem: you decide how – and how much – you want to be involved in our workflow.

Up to +30% of new customers

Target the largest communities of WordPress in their own language: Spanish, Japanese, German, Dutch, French and more.
By adding only 12 locales you can increase your sales by 30%.

52% of WordPress installs are in languages other than US English.

Investing in translating your products is truly the smartest way to expand your market almost effortlessly.

Supporting us is supporting the WordPress Polyglots Community

As all our WP-Team members are active WP Polyglots, supporting them in what they do best by providing paid work allows them to better invest their time in the WordPress Community. We fully agree with the Five for the Future of Matt Mullenweg and will aim at these goals thanks to you.

Still not convinced?